Superstars of Trance: John O’Callaghan (centre stage), ørjan Nilsen (right stage) at Future Music Festival, Sydney, March 2012. 


EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, one of many types of music I listen to on a daily basis. Undoubtedly the best type of EDM is trance music, and listening to it is the closest you will get to an MDMA trip whilst sober. Try it: put on your premium sennheiser headphones or rig up your Henry Kloss stereo and crank the subwoofer up to 11. Then plug in your iPod, press play on any radio show by Armin Van Buuren or mix by Gareth Emery, and prepare to be taken to a higher plane of mental operation. 

Trance is big in Europe, yet for some reason Australia hasn’t caught on to the sheer brilliance of the genre. Here most people boogie down to house music, or at worst, top 40 jams (think Rihanna… Ugh). Yeah, most clubs here pump the top 40 like they’re trying to be a crappy RSL club or insipid radio station. Anyway, not to get down in the dumps about the clubbing scene here in Australia -I just wish there were a place that played A State of Trance through a super amazing sound system. 
Dubstep is overrated. House is overplayed. Techno is sweet but good luck finding a club that plays that in my city. Yes, trance has the positive effect of being both emotional and uplifting. At one trance show I saw in Sydney I looked around to see a few people openly crying in joy. Simply life-affirming.
I’ll embed a video after this post; hopefully this track will convert you to a devotee of the Music of the Gods (as zyzz called trance – RIP).