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Rolling out solo is quite hard. I’m talking about going to a cafe or restaurant by yourself. You may be waiting for somebody, or just looking for some decent coffee without having to rush out with a takeaway cup. Right now I am waiting for somebody at a cafe, I have been here for 30 minutes by myself. At first it was fine, the place was nearly full. Then people started leaving, the lunch hour being over. Here I am still, nursing my bottle of water (I had a double shot ristretto before, the effects of which are wearing off). 
If somebody stands you up or keeps you waiting for longer than 15 minutes without a seriously good excuse (such as being carjacked at the lights), then just leave the venue. You owe it to yourself. Unless you’re relying on the rude man for a lift back to the office, in which case you can drink tap water and plot his violent accidental death.
The reason why rolling solo is hard, is because you feel self-conscious without another person’s conversation to distract you. You have no public validation from another man or woman. Have you ever tried going to a bar solo? Try it, you probably won’t like it. I once did it because I was keen to see TyDi hit the decks at the biggest club in the city, however I didn’t make it past the first half-hour of his set. You get funny looks if you’re at a club by yourself. It’s fine if you’re intoxicated though, provided you’re feeding off good vibes.
Ah, my mate has just arrived at the cafe, as I’m the second last party here. I’m staring daggers at him until he sees me sitting here. He had better have a great excuse otherwise I’m feeling a premonition coming on about a poisoned cup of coffee…
Haha just kidding, murder is wrong kids! Just remember, if somebody stands you up, leave early.
You’re welcome.