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Okay, I’ve written twelve posts on my blog without once mentioning my favourite topic. I deserve this.

Nelson Racing Engines is home to much innovation, and they build terrifying twin-turbo V8 motors. The one in this video has 2000hp (2x Bugatti Veyrons) and runs on fuel you can buy down at the local service station (regular unleaded, not premium, you snob). In the video Tom Nelson will show you that this rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth drag car can be a pleasant daily driver with power-steering and power brakes.

I wonder how much it would cost to import a car built to this standard from NRE in CA to Sydney in Australia? I wonder if my bank would lend me the money… Nah! If I were to own a beast like this I’d be dead in a week. So, NRE, happy for the free plug? Just say, ‘thankyou, Pacino.’

You’re welcome,